Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mormile has been helping people live happier, healthier lives since beginning practice in 1985. Dr. Mormile combines his extensive experience with a willingness and ability to incoropoate the latest in chiropractic philosophy and principle. Dr Mormile's office located at 234 Main St in Portland, CT across from Liberty bank with free parking and easy access  Dr. Mormile has been Board Certified since the 80's and cares for his patient's in a loving, compassionate way. He believes that we are ALL spiritual beings and this part of us CANNOT be separated from the physical. Hence, patients must be cared for physically, emotionally AND spiritually. Chiropractic is the BEST approach because when our nervous system is clear of interference we are better connected spiritually as well.    

Education (See Attached Resume)

  • National College of Chiropractic (Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in1985)
  • Providence College ( BS in Biology in1980)


Meet Our Staff

Our staff is friendly and concerned about our patient's well being. We pride ourselves on being an office you can count on a smile and attentive ear to listen as well.

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